BeNeLux and further

Yesterday ended in slightly rainy weather in Luxemburg, but nice hamburgers followed by a good night sleep turned the weather and the mood bright again.

Puff puff

Hiding behind a smoke screen.

Somewhere near the three border crossing of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg Germany we witnessed and measured a true outlier in the emission spectrum, with concentrations off the chart – very exciting! Even the view was obstructed by the “smoker”:

The mobile laboratory passes the border(s).

The mobile laboratory passes the border(s).

After the point of three border crossing we had the opportunity to visit colleagues at the Jülich Research Institute, (and top up the car battery, thanks!). One of the instruments of the troposphere group is the SAPHIR -chamber, which is used to study atmospheric photochemistry.

Today’s route has had plenty of different roads, from forest site and rural roads to highways and after some more “fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn”, we would like to rest in Hamburg.