Hyvää huomenta Suomi!

The last measurement day on the road is just starting. We had a successful sea trip from Travemünde to Helsinki. It took 28 hours but the day on board was sunny and nice. On the deck it was also possible to have a look on the chimneys of the ship and since it was sunny day, the emissions were easily seen.

As you can see from the picture, there is quite a huge aerosol concentration while the emission cloud can be seen by naked eye.

The fuel, heavy oil, used by many ships aren’t the cleanest one either while it contains a lot of sulfur and different metallic compounds. When it is burned the compounds are emitted to atmosphere. This time we didn’t measure the ship emissions since there would be enough work for a whole another measurement campaign. Maybe it would have been interesting to measure at the docks while the engines of several ships were running. But now we just concentrated on the road pollution.

At the moment we are on the highway from Helsinki to Tampere and this will be the last leg for us and our measurements for now. The concentrations seem to be quite low since there isn’t that much of traffic and we have some wind to blow them away.

Thanks for reading and being with us this week. Hopefully there would be some activity on this blog following the adventures of the mobile lab a bit sooner than next year.


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