Buonasera Italia!

After hours of wait in Igoumenitsa the ship arrived to the port about an hour late. Then the cargo was unloaded which meant that about 100 trucks drove one by one to the docks. That was a sight and took like 45 minutes before the boat was empty and we were able to drive on-board.

This morning we started the next leg at the port of Brindisi in Italy. After several passport checks we found a nice gas station to fire up the measurement devices to get ready for a whole new road measuring day. Now was time to head to Modeno in North Italy. Plan was to use the highway on the East coast. First the day was sunny and warm but later on we got some clouds and rain.
At the beginning we had to take over some trucks that were on the same boat with us before. Also decided to chase some of them to see what kind of emissions they got. Mostly we drove by the Italian countryside without too much of traffic. But later on the traffic increased and we got plenty of tunnels ahead.

Particle concentrations in the tunnels peaked at 1 to 2,5 million #/cm3 while normally on the road they were around 250 000 #/cm3. Keep in mind that these  numbers are just really rough estimations. In the longer tunnels it was possible for the pollutants to gather and cause higher concentrations but the short tunnels were well ventilated by wind so the concentrations there weren’t that high ~400 000 #/cm3.


We were also able to see the sea and the coastline. There were some wind and waves with whitecaps but it wasn’t too extreme weather. There was one interesting occasion when we saw high concentrations and found out that it was a single black audi. We started to chase it and got concentrations like 400000 #/cm3 peaking at a million #/cm3. Later on the traffic increased but we were already near Modena.

After all it was quiet Sunday to drive through Italy. Now we start to be familiar with the measurement routines and the trip can continue.


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