Eurotour vol. 2

Hi people, it’s some time since last post on this page. Now it is time for you to sit down, read and enjoy new stories during the coming week.

So a few weeks ago started a new Eurotour to Greece. Group of three aerosol scientists from TUT drove the mobile lab from Tampere to Thessaloniki measuring on the way. Some stayed there to do some more measurements and some left home. Now after a two-week measurement campaign it’s time to drive back.

Our story started a few days ago when we arrived one by one to Thessaloniki which by the way is an old harbour town founded already 315 BC. We finished the measurements there and packed the van ready for the roadtrip just yesterday.

Having coffee break in the middle of packing:20160311_162449[1].jpg

In the morning during the breakfast we had only three doubts… If we were able to access the parking lot, to start the car and get out of the tight parking lot blocked by a gate by our big van. Everything went great and we started the way to Igoumenitsa. Measurements were running, Antti driving, Anssi keeping the measurement book and myself keeping eyes on the devices and laptops for intresting happenings and aerosol concentrations.

The Greek highways are surprisingly in really good shape and there weren’t too much traffic on the way either. So basicly we just measured background concentrations of Greek countryside on a rainy day. Still there was something to measure. The cleanest air was on the mountains about 4000 #/cm3 and the dirtiest chasing an old truck emitting god knows how much of pollutants.

Some mountains we drove by with a lot of tunnels:20160312_134529[1].jpg

It was just about 350 km trip today so we were early at the port. So now we are just waiting for the boat to Brindisi, ready to go to bed on-board. Someone else is also tired…



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